Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas at Granny's

 I was SO SAD that I forgot the camera when we went to Granny's for Christmas but thankful I had my iphone. Sigh. Granny and the grandkids

 blurry pic in front of the tree:(

 Courtney came later in the evening and Ephram LOVE HIM some Courtney!  He wants her to hold him the whole time.

 Brian and his mama

The kids got some pretty CRAZY and AMAZING gifts from Granny and Hunt this year. Braden got an electric guitar, Ephram got a set of drums, Kinsey got an Asian Bitty Baby, and Cailey got Molly (the American Girl Doll)! We got video of their reactions because they were priceless!  They weren't expecting these gifts at ALL.  

When we got home the kids immediately started singing and playing instruments..lol.

The next morning Ephram said, "Mommy, I woke up at midnight and wanted to play my drums for you, but I couldn't find my sticks."

Umm...good thing, buddy! Thankfully we talked about it so he now knows not to play them while anyone is asleep.

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