Tuesday, December 10, 2013

cookie baking 2013!

 As usual the baking took two days this year and the kids wanted to bake some on their own (or with little help). Here Cailey was helping me roll out the chocolate bombs.
 Ephram and Kinsey unwrapped all the candy

 I love this picture!  clearly she was using her pants instead of a towel...two handprints of flour on her bottom.

 Kinsey helped me with the snicker bar cookies

 Cailey made the orange drops (her favorite) all by herself

 This guy was hilarious. He came downstairs and declared himself the "official" cookie taster.  Any time he heard the timer he'd come running to see what needed to be tasted next. He'd give a thumbs up or down depending on if he liked the cookie. Pretty much the only one he didn't like was the orange drop.

 Braden LOVES to help with baking and is very capable in the kitchen.
 fighting over a cookie that came out a little smushed (hence, someone needed to make a sacrifice:)

 my helpers
 sifting the flour

 forming cookies while tasting

 usually the girls help with the pizzelle's but they each got burned and left it for me :)

 After a nap Ephram decided he wanted to take a bigger role in baking. He was very focused and did a great job!

 people chow for Braden..while Cailey was washing the dishes!
The kids were super sweet and knew I was exhausted after a full day so they cleaned the kitchen and washed all the dishes. Brian was at a Carolina game and I didn't want him to come home to the mess.

 I made them a GIANT skor bar cookie at the end.
 everyone pitched in to clean..even ephram!

 Sunday we started off with reindeer noses (which Ephram wanted to do by himself...but then quit and let his siblings help)

 and I did rugala.

 Cailey was making a couple 'new to us' cookies we saw on pinterest.

A few of the different kinds we baked this year. Since Cailey has to raise money for her mission trip to the Dominican Republic we sold a lot of the cookies as a fundraiser. We ask for a donation and didn't have a set price...it was neat to see who supported her and a blessing, for sure!

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