Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Visit

 It was our turn to go to the Welch's in December. We had the Polar Express party in the morning then headed over after. Since we got there late we stayed until after lunch Friday. Matchy mamas and matchy big girls.:)

Ephram said, "Mommy! Take a picture of us together! This will be our first one!"

 That night we went to see Rebecca sing in her choir concert. It was neat to be able to be there to support her!

 That night we got home super late but it turned out to be GREAT for the kids! They fell right to sleep without a problem!

The next day Laura and I set up a fun Christmas party for our 'class' of kids! We had snowman cups, Christmasy doughnuts, Christmas tree decorating, star sandwiches, snowman string cheese, and candy cane fruit.
the kids were THRILLED with it!
decorating their trees

NEW matchy shirts that Aunt Laura got the girls

eating his fruit candy cane kabob...which turned out to be his favorite part!

After Ephram's choking incident in the mall Laura decided we all needed a lesson on what to do when someone is choking. I AWESOME is she?? She taught us how to do the heimlich maneuver on little kids and on bigger people. 

hopefully we won't ever need to use it but just in case, we know how.

and the BIGGEST surprise of the visit was this awesome GIFT from Laura. I can't BELIEVE she surprised me as that's super hard to do. Fo realz. But I love it and this Barbour Canvas now hangs in the kitchen where we can all see it. SO precious.

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