Thursday, December 26, 2013

Church at Christmas

 We went to several fun Christmas themed events at church this month. First was a family night Christmas caroling/crafts...complete with a sleepy ephram and lots of sugary snacks.

 we had a small group Christmas party and Pam was sweet enough to bring Emma over to babysit AND drive me to the party since Brian was at a Carolina game.

I took the kids to Saturday night church (while Brian was at another game:) and they had pizza, hot chocolate, and cookies afterwards. They also had fun minute-to-win-it games..and Cailey won a gift card!  In the front there was this photo booth set up and though we were wearing short sleeves and weren't very 'Christmasy' I just HAD to get a picture:).  This was on of the random HOT December days.

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