Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mike Peters.

 playing chess on the computer

 We got an Elf this year. Clearly we don't 'do' the kids knew Brian was playing all the jokes but it was fun and he was a great addition to our Christmas fun. Most of the time we kept him at the bible but in the mornings he could usually be found doing something silly. Sometimes it was the kids' ideas, and sometimes it was Brian's.

 drinking daddie's soda

 feeding Ephram's dog (Raisin) m&m's for breakfast!

 sleeping in a makeshift bed using kinsey's blanket as covers. She was NOT HAPPY when she saw this and we learned our lesson:)

 his usual the bible

 trying to sneak some Ande's mints from the advent calendar

 Cailey didn't like this one...she was devastated to see the stockings on the floor. Daddy said Mike wanted to do gymnastics.

 Mommy didn't like that Mike replaced the angel at the top of the tree...grrrr

 but she was safely at the bible

 getting into the people chow

 joining the family photos

 checking out the advent calendar

taken down and surrounded by army men

Though I'm not a fan of people using the elf to scare kids and tell them they are being 'watched' to see if they are good or not, we did enjoy having Mike around for fun.

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