Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas crafts

 I have so much fun crafting with my loveys! Now that they are getting older, Cailey, Braden, and Kinsey looked up different ideas from pinterest and all did their own thing.
 So fun! Love this shot of them all crafting

 Braden made a really cool snowflake-type craft

 showing ephram how to glue pom poms on his wreath
Ephram did age appropriate crafts and made some cute ornaments

 Kinsey made a super cute tree with ribbon and wrapping paper.

ephram made super cute icicle ornaments by twirling them around a pencil then
putting pony beads on
 making an ornament for her tree...she wanted a picture of ephram on it

 painting feet!  they ALL wanted to do this craft
 making a cute santa...i think these were my favorites because they are all unique and different

 This finished products from day one. Cailey was really into painting this year and did some great pictures.

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