Monday, December 23, 2013

leading up to Christmas Adam

 Hard to believe it's December with the short sleeves but it is!  We had our yummy hors d' oeuvre dinner of sausage balls, bacon rolls, and sweet & sour meatballs!

 Kinsey wanted me to curl her hair before we went to the Christmas service at the DPAC.

 Turned out to be a very rainy night so her curls fell a bit, but they were still cute:).  We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner-YUM!

 Thankfully there was a break in the rain so we could walk to the DPAC by way of the beautiful Christmas trees.
We made it through the most of the worship but my Cailey girl started feeling BAD. The music was hurting her ears, her throat hurt, and it was just not good. I walked out with her and Ephram while Brian stayed back with the others. Poor Ephram was SO VERY concerned about his big sissy. I had to snap a pic of this preciousness. She was FREEZING with layers and layers on...clearly she had a fever.

Brian ended up leaving the service so we could take our sick Cailey girl home.

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