Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve was a bit unusual for us this year starting with a trip to the doctor (thankfully Dr. Walker) and with Brian having to work. I wanted to take Cailey in just to be sure it wasn't strep. My gut said it wasn't but since it was the day before Christmas I had to make sure.

 No strep!  And NO CRYING (for the first time ever) during the throat culture so we stopped to get her a slushie:)

 I cooked FIVE pounds of shrimp for these guys!  One pound with shrimp and linguini and four pounds of my yummy baked/stuffed shrimp.

 they were all about 'toasting'

 I love this picture. Braden was reading a book in the chair. Then Ephram went to sit with him and he started reading out loud. Next up Kinsey came to listen..then finally Cailey. LOVE that they were gathered around reading Christmas books:).

 Next up they unwrapped their new Christmas jammies!

 It was Cailey's turn to do the advent calendar...time for baby Jesus!

reading the Christmas story together
 and lit the last candles
 and sang together...

 then did our carols around the piano. such a blessing to spend this precious time together.

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