Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

When the kids came down on Christmas morning we started the day with our stockings.

Daddy got up early and made monkey bread as a yummy Christmas breakfast to go along with some sausage balls:)!

 After finishing breakfast and getting dressed the kids started opening presents...Barbour style which means one at a time...taking our time and enjoying being together.

Kinsey was SUPER excited to get this basketball hoop for her room!

 Cailey made this present for Ephram all by herself and he immediately ran over and gave her a big hug. He LOVED it!

Braden and Ephram opening their big hot wheels car racetrack!

 Cailey asked for this special devotion at the homeschool conference so we bought it for her as a gift for Christmas.  She was thrilled with it.

 Braden was excited to get these Star Wars lego sets and put them both together in the afternoon.

 Now Brian has a special umbrella to take to the games that he goes to on rainy days. Most of his gifts were Carolina themed (Monopoly) but he also got some movies (Lincoln and the Oceans 11/12/13 collection) and new shirts.

Braden started working on this as soon as everyone was finished with presents! This was by FAR his favorite gift!
 This tar heel monopoly was a present especially from Kinsey.

Brian set up a scavenger hunt just for ME (which was shocking) that led me to clue after clue. It was awesome...and so much fun! In the end it led me to tickets to go see Les Mis in February!!

Now it's time for the girls to take revenge on the boys! Brian and I got them their very own big nerf guns! They were psyched:).
Kinsey was happy about all her gifts...but when she knew they were all gone she was sad that she didn't get her number one IPod touch. Later on in the morning I told her to look in her stocking and she was shocked..and THRILLED!!

 This sweet girl was so excited!

 Next up it was time for the annual scavenger hunt that leads to the big family present.

It was a huge movie collection for us to have family movie nights together this year (with new 'to us' movies)

 Nonny and Poppy showed up around lunch time and spent the rest of the day celebrating with us!


Our Christmas family picture!

 The kids with Nonny and Poppy

turkey time!

 Christmas dinner was very colorful:).  I made turkey, mac n' cheese, stuffing, parmesan green beans, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet potato casserole, and pistachio salad.

Nonny gave the girls a manicure

 Kinsey got this indoor 'sand' for Christmas...which I actually won from our small group white elephant gift exchange. ALL of the kids wanted to play with it all day long. I had no idea it would be so popular!  They all LOVE it. It's pretty neat stuff too.

And the dog Ephram is holding in his non drinking hand was his gift from Braden. Ephram had never seen it because it's been up on Braden's bed for so long and he said it was time to give it away...then decided it would be the perfect gift for his dog loving brother. Oh boy, did he love it!  He immediately named it spot and carried it around the rest of the day....

Poppy played Pente with the three oldest kiddos after dinner...and beat them every time:). Reminds me of my!

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