Monday, September 10, 2007


Cailey started ice skating lessons two weeks ago and has already come a long way! Last week they learned how to fall down...she was really good at that:). This week they were working on getting back up. Cailey did awesome!! We were so proud of her! She got up so many times and 'skated' for the majority of the lesson this week. It's very interesting because there are a lot of kids in her class, so the teacher really has her hands full. The biggest problem is that when she sees all the kids falling down, she thinks she is supposed to fall down also.
Before her lesson this week, the Zamboni came out on the ice and the kids were fascinated by it. After a while Cailey said, "When is the Calzonie going to be finished?"

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The Hilemans said...

Looks like fun! It's funny to see her dressed in sweats and gloves when it's 95 degrees outside! :)