Friday, September 14, 2007

'THAT' House

So I've always said that I wanted us to have the 'IT' house for kids in the neighborhood to come and hang out at. The other day I had a glimpse of that when Cailey wanted to go out and play. We had been out in the heat all day and I didn't want to go out again, but Cailey wanted to play outside in the front yard. Barbour rule says that you can't play in the front yard by yourself (sorry guys, I'm a bit paranoid). There were lots of kids playing down the street and I told her that if she could find someone to play with at our house then she could play in the driveway or front yard. She walked down the street and asked all the kids if they wanted to come over and play at her house. From the picture you can see that many of them were older than her, so I really expected them to say no, but all of the sudden everyone rode their bikes over and came to play! I was so excited for Cailey and Braden because we don't usually get to play with the neighbor kids due to them not being home because of day care, school, our kids bedtime, etc. They got along SO well and the older ones were really sweet to Braden and Cailey. They had relay races, played hot potato and played with all the yard toys. I brought them drinks and snacks...and overall I think the kids had a blast! Hopefully this will continue and the kids will enjoy hanging out over here (where I can watch everyone:)).

relay races and hot potato

Cailey learned some new and 'interesting' ways to
play on her swing set


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anthonyandbeth said...

i want to have "that" house too! so fun to see them playing with their neighbor friends! we had SO much fun with y'all today! thanks for hanging out! let's do it again soon! :)