Sunday, September 23, 2007

Potty Time?

When I potty trained Cailey and Braden they didn't show any of the typical 'readiness' signs that people talk about...I just knew it was time. Since I am working so much and Kinsey doesn't turn two until October I really wanted to wait until then to potty train her. Well lately little miss thing seems to be telling us that she's ready. She still has a very limited vocabulary (which doesn't include potty or any potty words) so I really don't know how she would be able to tell us. Everytime she does ANYTHING in her diaper she gets undressed, takes the diaper off and leaves it on the floor. has been messy at times but I don't know what to do. She walks around with no diaper or pants on until we catch her...good thing there haven't been any accidents so far! She likes sitting on the potty and using if we could just get her to tell us:). I still think I'll wait until the end of October before we say no more diapers so hopefully she'll learn those important words by then:).

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