Friday, September 7, 2007


Brian was meeting with people from work to draft fantasy football players so I decided to meet my friend Marsie and her son Braeden for dinner at the mall. After we ate and the kids played for a while Braeden and Cailey decided they wanted to go on the 'rides' at the mall. I usually say no because I don't want to pay 75 cents for a ride that lasts 20 seconds. Marsie said, "what?, pay? Why would you pay?" I told her Cailey would expect the ride to move and she informed me that Braeden had fun just sitting on the rides even if they don't move. Fortunately Marsie 'shook' the rides and made them move for Cailey:) Thanks Mars!! Overall we had a great time with Marsie and Braeden, and are so blessed to have their friendship.

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Marsie said...

Those are the two cutest little Braedens/Bradens in that car that I've ever seen!