Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Poor Baby Boy

Yesterday afternoon I was in my room doing lesson plans with the TV on for background noise. Cailey was at a Reading Games class and Kinsey and Braden were napping. I heard a heart-wrenching scream and ran to see what had happened. I walked in Braden's room and this is what I saw. My poor boy! As soon as I picked him up he stopped crying (he's really strong and never complains about pain). He told me that his bed hit his head and the train table hit his eye. Our best estimation is that he was getting down and somehow banged his head on the iron bed and hit the train table on his way down. I was FREAKING out!!! I don't deal well with blood coming from the eye...or anywhere, really. I immediately put ice on it and called the doctor. They reassured me that he'd be fine-but blood in the eye...gimme a break! I had to go in. Ends up he's fine, but the doctor says he'll look a lot worse before he looks better. He has said a couple times that his eye hurts (which means it must REALLY hurt) but for the most part he just continues playing with no problem. He was very talkative after it happened and while at the doctor, was most concerned about missing Barney and dinnertime. Of course I HAD to let him watch Barney when he came home..and give him chocolate milk with dinner...and let him sleep with me:). My boy is better today..but informed me that when he gets really hurt he can come out of his nap and get chocolate milk and hugs:)


Laura said...

Oh, my goodness, Heather! That looks AWFUL:( I'm so sorry that happened. I cracked up at you letting him watch Barney, etc.... you old softie:)

Elisarose said...

Chocolate milk always helps me feel better, too. I know it makes your mama's heart hurt...I hope he feels better soon!

anthonyandbeth said...

poor baby! i would have been a nervous wreck! i don't handle those types of things well! hope he is feeling better!