Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All These New Brand Things!

During the haircut............... After

Before........................ After

While we were at Nonny and Poppy's house this weekend we all got haircuts and the kids got new shoes along with other gifts. Mom aka Nonny always cuts the kids hair, but I was a bit nervous having her do Kinsey's because I didn't think she'd sit still, but she did great! We just held her head and she ended up with a cute bob. Her hair is SO thin that when it gets long it just looks stringy...so much for my Asian girl with pigtails! It'll be hair bows and barrettes from here on out until her hair gets thicker. Now Braden did a GREAT job with his and was very happy with the outcome. Mom trimmed Cailey's hair because she wants to keep growing hers out. Cailey was SO nervous that she would forget and cut too much. Have no fear, her hair is still long and the trim is not noticeable. The biggest excitement was the shoes though. Kinsey has always been a shoe girl and Mom and I took her out by herself to buy her some shoes. She was so happy marching around the mall in her new sneakers and wore them all day (except when she'd take them off to put someone else's on). Braden liked his shoes too, but mom gave him Spider Man play doh and that was BY FAR his favorite gift. He's never seen Spider Man but loves him for some reason...that MUST be a boy thing. Cailey's favorite from the weekend was a play oven mitt and apron-or was it the homemade apple pie? Who knows, but it was a fun time and when we left Cailey kept talking about all the "new brand" things that everyone got. No matter how much modeling we do, she still gets that phrase backwards but it gives Brian and I something to giggle about:).

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Laura said...

How CUTE! They both look so "grown up" with their new haircuts:)