Saturday, October 6, 2007

Crazy for Crafts

I am very happy with Cailey's new kindergarten teacher! (She's been on maternity leave for the last 9 weeks) She called me a week ago to address some concerns I had and we talked for quite a while. I've seen positive changes since she started this week:). One thing I didn't realize until recently is that they don't really do crafts in kindergarten. This has really bummed me out because I have all Braden's preschool crafts up...but Kinsey and Cailey don't have anything to hang on the bulletin board. I decided that I would take out the paint, crafts, etc on Friday for the kids to use. I mainly let them explore, cut, glue pom poms and other craft items...but we also made some acorns together:). Kinsey REALLY enjoyed the paint, but I had to watch her very closely because she kept wanting to lick it-yuck!

Check out their acorns!

Kinsey loved the purple paint the most:)

Cailey's new favorite thing is taking turns
writing sentences on the white board. It's
also helped Braden become interested in learning
to write his name.

Braden loves doing puzzles too.

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