Monday, October 1, 2007

Gotcha Day!

Braden chose pizza for dinner...and got to eat on our special
celebration plate. We had a great day spending time
together and playing games. Funny thing is, he kept calling it
his graduation day...we have GOT to work on that one:)

Today was a celebration of God's amazing plan and love. Three years ago today God gave us Braden Christian. It was truly a day of reflection on my part and just made me think, I mean REALLY think about how blessed we are that He chose this sweet, lovable, funny, introverted boy to put in our family. When you give birth I don't really think you reflect on the fact that God chose the baby you have. You can't really imagine it being any different because there is only one option. With adoption there are SO many children out there and you really never know what is going to happen, or who God will give you to love, cherish and take care of. I was just really aware of that today and for some reason this 'gotcha' day hit me more than the past two. I am SO thankful for this chance to impact our children's lives and teach them about God's love and pray that we will never forget what a gift we have been given. We have had years of infertility struggles that I may get into in later posts but I had a peace today for the first time since we started this journey of fertility drugs, miscarriages, babies, and adoption. I just took time to think about all the gifts we have been given. Cherish your children. When you are sick, tired, impaitient, grumpy and can't take anymore whining, PRAY. Think about what you have been given...this great responsibility with even greater rewards. These years pass by so quickly...It seems like yesterday we were driving to the airport to pick Braden up, yet he's 3 1/2 already! Be encouraged my friends!

Picking Braden up at the airport...our
very sleepy boy

First night was rough...we later found out that he
came with instructions:)


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Stef said...

I am actually crying - thanks for such a great post. Give Braden a big hug for us - we love you guys!!

anthonyandbeth said...

wow! that DOES deserve a big celebration!!!!