Friday, March 6, 2009

cooking crayons

We had some crayons that needed to be thrown away and I'm so cheap that I figured they could be 're' invented so we cooked them and made some NEW chubbie crayons!

peel crayons and put in a GREASED muffin pan
(we used a mini muffin pan)

mix up colors to make it interesting

cook in a 250 degree oven for about 8 min or until melted.
take them out CAREFULLY and swirl them with a toothpick (opt.)
i wanted mine to cool fast so I put them in a freezer for 5 min.

lightly tap the back of the muffin pan
to release the crayons

The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever and LOVED being able to take the paper off and break the crayons:). They helped come up with the color combinations too.


The Hilemans said...

I do this too! If you want to borrow a heart-shaped pan for the next time, let me know. (they make cute valentines...)

anthonyandbeth said...

what a great idea! i will have to try this! you're such a 'cool' mom!

laura said...

Genius...pure genius:) I have just the folks for your new crayons....that is if we can keep them from trying to EAT them!

JB said...

That is a great idea!

Auntie Anne said...

That's so cool! I want some cool crayons like that! :)

jason and jen said...

Thanks for the fun idea! Hope you guys are doing well!