Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pullen Park...just the fam:)

swings are cailey's favorite thing at any park!

big girl swing!

my pumpin' boy

trying to build a sand castle

my littlest dancin' queen

After church on Sunday we went to Pullen park together as a family to soak up the beautiful sunshine! It's been SO warm that the kids wanted to wear shorts...this not even a week after it snowed (only in NC). The kids and I have spent every sunny day at a different park and sometimes we even went to two! We've been finding new ones to go to and have been exploring on several greenways. It's really crazy to think that I no longer need to bring a stroller and that my 'baby' goes on the 'big girl swing' now! I've loved every second I've spent at the park with the kids playing tag, going down the slides with them, swinging with them, and walking with them. Sunday was an extra special time because Brian got to join us too!


anthonyandbeth said...

i love all the pictures! it is crazy that you're stroller-less???? i don't even know if that is a word. :) i love, love, love park days! anythony went with us on sat. and i love it when he can join us too. glad y'all had fun!

Heather said...

i's crazy about the stroller thing!! i realized THAT day how weird it is that we no longer need the baby swings or stroller! this is the first year really that we've not had to use it much (other than to carry our STUFF around:)
what park did yall go to on Sat? i'm always looking for new ones:)

Eve said...

Great pictures I especially love the one with Brian and the kids staring at the lake/pond. I can't wait until it is nice enough her to take Cameron to the neighborhood park we have. by the time the weather is really nice she will be close to four months! (MAY):)