Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dd for Daddy!

Dd is for drum!

Dd is for dots! We were also working on patterns:)

This was my favorite letter craft we've done
so far and it was Braden's idea! We did a D with 7 d doors on it and
inside each door there was a different Dd sticker.
(daisy duck, dinosaur, Dora, Daddy:), dragon, dog, dolphin,
and dump truck!!)

Dd is for do-a-dots!

We did Dd last week for Daddy's birthday:)!

Crafts and Activities: played 'hide the donkey' with a plastic donkey and 'pin the tail on the donkey', played duck, duck, goose (which was hilarious!!), sorted diamonds, did a 'dime drop' game (where they stand up and drop a dime into a bowl...the object is to see how many they can get in), dinosaur dig, played charades with various Dd animals (dog, duck, dragon, dinosaur, donkey, deer), dug and drew Dd's in dirt, drummed, played detectives and went on a hunt for Dd's, played dress up (doctor, detectives, dancers, and divers), danced, played dodge ball,

Foods: Kinsey had a SUPER time eating foods that start with Dd this week! Donuts, dates (that we put in the shape in a Dd), dumplings, duck*, drumsticks, doritos, deer*, dill, dirty rice, dijon mustard, dressing, drinks, danish, and dessert!


Eve said...

the * beside deer and duck, means what exactly? I am assuming that she really didn't eat deer and duck. Love the pictures!

Heather said...

the * means she didn't eat that...we didn't have any duck or deer lying around to feed her:)