Monday, March 23, 2009

Gg for Green (st. pat's week)

Gg is for game!

Gg is for gift game!

Gg is for gingerbread men!

gingy G

Gg is for glue gold glitter on a green G!

Gg is for grapes!
(this was a group effort:)

Gg is for gum!!

Gg activities: grass art, sorting (drinking) glasses by size and color, glitter on G, art with green glue, going on a green hunt, painting goldfish with gold paint, making a G with goldfish, playing games, indoor golf, sorting gloves, growing a garden, having a garbage toss, playing the guitar, hiding things behind a gate (and describing the objects for her to guess), acting out the gingerbread man, lots of fun with Gg animals (goats, gorillas, giraffes, groundhogs, grasshoppers, gophers), playing grocery store, grocery shopping, painting with grapes, and reading and singing about GOD of course!!

Gg foods: graham crackers, gummy bears, granola, grapes, green jello, guava, garlic bread, grapefruit, gravy, gyro, gumdrops, guacamole, garbanzo beans, green beans, and gorganzola.

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