Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rr for Rainbow

Rr is for red!

sorting out red

Rr is for rainbow!

milk rainbows (she learned about mixing colors too)

after sorting all the colors she made a rainbow out of the different
manipulatives we have

Rr is for ribbon!

Rr activities: made rectangle collages, made rope and ric rac Rr's, played in rice, sorted decorative ribbon, counted rings (and wore them of course!), raked the backyard, sang, "row, row, row your boat" a ton, ran races, rolled down hills, threw rocks in a 'river', collected rocks and sorted them by size, listened to the radio, played in the rain (there was a TON of rain!), looked at railroad tracks, ate at Red Robin, made a rainforest animal collage,

Rr foods: rice, rice cakes, raspberries, raisins, ravioli, ramen noodles, radishes, red beans, ribs, reuben, risotto, rolls, rugala, relish, rigatoni, roast, rye bread, rosemary, romaine lettuce, ricotta, and rhubarb

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