Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mm for March!

mixing colors

Mm is for marble painting

All three of the kids LOVED marble painting (which we've done before) and spent two hours making pictures and changing paint colors:) We replaced our snowman door art with their marble paintings!

Mm is for musical instruments, maraca's,
and microphones

Mm is for macaroni

Mm is for monkeys

connect the Mickey's to make an Mm!

Mm is for Mickey Mouse!

Mm is for Macy!

kinsey gets so excited to learn our
letter song of the week!

Mm activities: marble painting, macaroni art, playing musical instruments, making masks, doing mouse prints (with fingerprints), mitten matching (which was perfect because of the snow!), coloring with markers, sorting money (we just did pennies and quarters because they look so different), marching, mopping, monkeying around:), exploring with magnets, fun with mirrors, making m's in mud, looking at pictures of moutains, and making milkshakes.

Mm foods: macaroni, milk, M & M's, mushrooms, melon, mustard, mayonnaise, marshmallows, meatballs, macadamia nuts, mahi mahi*, mango, mandarin oranges, manicotti, maraschino cherries, marinara sauce, meat loaf, melba toast, mints, mousse, minestrone, molasses, mozzerella, muffins, and mulberries.

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anthonyandbeth said...

ok so you know i love the alphabet center and i also love that book!!! when are we going to the Teach Me store??? :)