Thursday, March 12, 2009

Science: Anatomy and Physiology

learning about the hand

how could we write without hands?
(they tried to write with their feet too)

how could we write without movement of our fingers?
(they had rubberbands restricting their finger movement)

The kids been having a blast learning about bones, muscles, the brain, etc. the past few weeks! The day they were learning about the hand I got creative because I wanted them to know what a blessing it is to have hands and fingers...and know how hard things would be without them. They loved trying to pick up different things with their feet and mouths, and brainstorming about things that would be harder without hands or fingers.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog

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Janet said...

What wonderful creativity!! Brian one time had to spend an entire day in a wheel chair to see if it was hard to get around our church (in Ohio). Very eye-opening to him. Course it scared me to death when he called and said he was in a wheel chair.

This has sure been the longest week of my life with a bad ankle. We sure DO need to thank God for our hands and feet! Good lesson for your kids!!!! Awesome!

Nan said...

So glad you are blogging all these great ideas so I can totally steal them next year!

Wilson Ramblings said...

Curiosity answered... I am planning to do some preschool homeschooling, as well as a day or so a week of preschool and once he's school age, we'd like to try out public school. :)