Tuesday, March 3, 2009

visit from an old friend

My good friend, Adele, came to visit us for a couple hours last weekend and we hadn't seen her in TOO long:) so we were all happy to see her! She brought Emily with her (who was two weeks old the last time the kids saw her) but Jamison stayed home with his dad. Cailey and Kinsey loved holding Emily and playing with her! We met up at church because Cailey had a mission dinner to go to that night. (I DID get pictures of her playing some cool games and posing with Lindsey but my camera erased them..grumble, grumble). Anyway, while Cailey was at her dinner we went out to eat with the rest of our family, Adele and Emily, and the Williams and had a great time (once Beth got her food, anyway:)! I'm so happy Adele was able to come up to see us:)!!

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