Wednesday, February 18, 2009

biggest giggles ever!

Last night we went to Champs for dinner because they have kids night (and the kids eat free) on Tuesdays. What we didn't know was that they have a magician who could make Braden belly laugh more than anyone he's met (other than Brian and I)! He LOVED the magician!! I am SO thankful I had a camera and could capture his face because he was so excited by the tricks! The great thing about such a smart and observant boy is that he was able to figure out a couple of the tricks:). We all had a wonderful time!

fish on a fishing pole
(Cailey got a blue and pink butterfly
and Kinsey got a purple poodle)

the magician

how did i get both of the bunnies?

Kinsey joined in the laughing
but didn't really understand the tricks


Laura said...

I wish I could have heard that....I bet it was awesome:) Champs, huh? How's that wagon coming? Gotta keep it real:)

anthonyandbeth said...

we're gonna have to try that!