Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ww for winter

w is for wikki sticks!

choosing wallpaper

w is for wallpaper

w is for wax

We had LOTS of fun with W a couple weeks ago! Kinsey did watercolors on a w, wikki sticks, played with crayon wax on wax paper, went on a wagon ride, cut out wallpaper, made a watermelon craft, went on a walk, washed the window, made a w wand, blew a whistle, cut wrapping paper, went on a hunt for wiggly worms in wood chips, painted a white snow scene, ice skated on wax paper, and made a walrus.

Foods: watermelon, watercress, water chestnuts, waffles, whole wheat bread, wild rice, water, whip cream, walnuts, and wafers

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