Sunday, February 22, 2009

waiting patiently

Cailey's favorite thing to play during her 'room time' (when she's not reading) is imaginary carnival with the Little People. We have somehow collected about 50 0f the 'newer' little people and I have a bunch of old ones from when I was little. We also have the old swings, airplane, bus, ferris wheel, and merry go round. Along with that we have the new ferris wheel, swings, and a zoo, Noah's ark, the farm, a dollhouse, and a Three Bears tree house that Cailey turns into a carnival. The funniest thing to me is that she lines up ALL the little people (in one line) and they have to go on the rides in a certain order. They HAVE to go on the ferris wheel, then swings, etc. so that by the time they all even get on the first ride she's almost done with her room time! I've tried to model letting a few go on each ride at one time but she didn't like that idea at all because it wasn't teaching them to be patient:)! Oh least she's found something she likes to play with! (Cailey's never really been into playing with toys at all unless someone is playing with her). I have really been enjoying sneaking in and watching/listening to her cute! This time of playing with toys is so precious to me because I feel it passing so fast. Love you sweet girl.!


Laura said...

so you don't go in there and mess up her perfectly lined up people....:)

anthonyandbeth said...

so can i come play with Cailey sometime? i miss playing little people. i LOVED playing that when i was growing up! you're right, it is SO fun to listen to them playing in their little imaginary world. one of my favorite things to watch!