Saturday, February 28, 2009

amanda pig

'alone' time

'alone' time a different day

her FAVORITE Amanda book....of course it's about a lost tooth:)

Cailey's favorite thing to do during her 'alone time' is read. Her love of reading came from these books that I found at the library back in Amanda pig. Amanda pig books are cute chapter books about Amanda, her brother Oliver, and her best friend Lollipop playing, starting school, etc. There are around 15 books in all and she has read them all probably thirty times each. She knows them forwards and backwards and she just loves them. Lately I've been trying to get her to branch out but she still begs to check out (only:) 4 so I let her because I love that she's found something she really enjoys!! At one point she was reading the American Girl doll books but didn't look forward to them like she did reading Amanda pig books so I put them away for now. This week she found a new series to begin that she really likes...The Magic School Bus chapter books. She's enjoying the first one so far and wants to keep reading so she can see what happens next. It's so neat to see her love of books and reading. When she reads silently (which she always does when she's by herself) she calls it 'reading in her head':). I'm so proud of you Cailey!

reading by the heat vent...she seriously
does this five days a week on her own! she'd
rather read than play with toys, color, etc. any day:)!

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