Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daddy's Birthday surprises!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Brian LOVES grape juice (as in he could
drink a couple bottles in one sitting) so
the kids bought and 'made' him grape juice and his
favorite cinnamon and brown sugar pop tart
for breakfast.

Kinsey was SO excited to give Daddy the
card she made:)

Brian gets cold at night when he's
watching TV on the couch so the kids
decided they wanted to get him a carolina
blue blanket! (TOTALLY their idea and they
all actually agreed)

Daddy's favorite: Snicker Bar Cheesecake
Cailey helped me make it on Sunday while the
others were napping:)

This year I was able to surprise Brian with a dinner out 'with the guys'! He showed up to the restaurant expecting the kids and I to be there and a couple friends were waiting for him instead! He was truly surprised..YAY!! It's not often that he goes out to eat with his friends WITHOUT the fam's so this was a nice treat for him:). They ended up staying for FOUR hours!! I was a little surprised about that, but I guess guys like to talk just as much as us girls:). Thanks for helping celebrate Brian's birthday Brandon, Anthony, and Brian!! I wasn't able to get a picture of him when he first arrived but us moms took the kids over to the restaurant to sing happy birthday to him and hear about his reaction to the surprise...we were only there for two minutes so they were able to enjoy their guy time!! Happy Birthday Brian..I'm SOOO happy you were actually surprised!

Cailey: My daddy likes to learn about presidents. He likes to do the computer. He likes to relax. I like to play Go Fish and basketball with him. I like it when he watches me do cheerleading. I like to snug him. I love that Daddy works hard for us. I love him because he is silly and plays the corner game. I love him because he's my daddy.

Braden: Happy birthday Daddy! I love to snug Daddy when I wake up in the morning. I love to throw snowballs at daddy. I love to be silly with daddy. I like when Daddy says jokes. I like to go down the slide with him and play chase with him. Daddy likes to watch basketball. I love him because he's nice.

Kinsey: My daddy wake me up. I yike (like) when Daddy gives me clemin's (clementines). I yike to play games daddy. I yove (love) Daddy. I yike eat pizzie with him. I yike sing Happy Birthday Daddy.

Heather: I love you for always serving me and trying to make my life easier. I love playing games with you (just like the kids do!) I love that you secretly LOVE Kinsey coming in early in the morning to snuggle. I love how proud you are of the kids. I love that you come home and say thank you to me for cleaning the house. I love you and hope you had a great birthday!!

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Brian said...

That was cute. Thank you!