Monday, February 2, 2009

cookie booth

Cailey had her first cookie booth on Saturday and was VERY excited about it. I remember cookie booths as being long and boring (with a little fun and fooling around involved) but I didn't want to discourage her excitement so I packed up the stuff and headed out. It was pretty cold and we were in the shade but I had a thermos of hot chocolate to keep the girls warm. They did really well and sold around 100 boxes in the three hours they were out there. Cailey once again showed that she is a great sales person (even if I was embarrassed at times). They ate cookies and other snacks, drank hot chocolate and had comfy chairs to sit in...boy have cookie booths gotten cushy these days:). By the time it was over Cailey was shivering and ready to go. She wants to do another one but I think one is good for this year:).

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Auntie Anne said...

I remember those too. We usually had one near Walmart. When I was older it was at the one in the Arboretum and we used to take turns going in Walmart to warm up or buy candy or drinks.