Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

braden's our monkey and cailey LOVES princesses

kinsey LOVED her bear card and
kept hugging herself with it

cailey had cheerleading this morning so there was
no time for heart shaped strawberry pancakes...they settled
for strawberry oatmeal and strawberry milkshakes:)

they got this cottage for Valentine's Day!! that inspired Kinsey
to take the tunnel out and she went in there as soon as she woke up
from her nap...she lived in there today:)! they also got three little
plants that they were super excited about.

that night we went to our Sunday school class Valentine's
dinner hosted by the men

all the couples

separation of the genders...back to middle school:)

We had a very eventful Valentine's Day this year! We started at Cailey's cheerleading (which Nonny was able to watch) and went to Panera for brunch afterwards...thanks Nonny! Then we delivered Cailey's girl scout cookies, ran errands, and got ready for the party. I'm SO thankful Nonny was here to babysit so we could go to the party! The kids had a blast eating pizza and ice cream, reading to her, and playing games all night:)!

This year's Valentine's crafts:

one day we cut out lots of hearts and the kids had fun with glitter
designs and putting the hearts together

this really made me think
about big she's getting...doing her
own glue for her name, etc.

the kids LOVE making these and have
really gotten intricate with their designs...
they made one for Nonny, Poppy, and Brian
and I for Valentine's Day

this was a four step craft. they had to cut out the hearts,
punch holes in them, lace up the sides, and stuff them with grocery
bags...they turned out REALLY cute and we have them hung
on our bathroom and front hall closet doors

heart pipe cleaner mobiles...they
each put some beads on then shaped
them into hearts and connected them all


Janet said...

Looks like such a wonderful weekend!! Love the crafts and all the couples look so cute!

Laura said...

Man you are the WOMAN when it comes to crafts! Those look like tons of fun:)