Thursday, February 19, 2009


Kinsey doesn't quite understand yet and just throws it at the hole:)
Cailey is really loves it and keeps trying to beat her 'high score'.

such concentration!

Daddy and Braden

We LOVE to play games and a few years ago my mom got a game called Bullseye. Basically you bounce a tiny metal ball and try to get it in one of the three openings. It's kind of like skeeball only you don't roll the ball. We played a lot at mom's and got really into it trying to beat the 'high score' and mom would join us too! She found a kids version (a few years ago) that can be either bullseye ball or skeeball and the kids have really been into it lately. Then when mom was here this past weekend she gave Brian and I our own and we've been playing it ever since! Have I said we LOVE games?? Now we sit around and all take turns playing it and having a great time! Oh, and while mom was here we taught Cailey how to play Parcheesi for the first time while Braden and Kinsey were napping:).

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