Thursday, February 5, 2009

slippers and cash

Nonny and Poppy sent the kids a Valentine's day package and they were SO excited! They each got some new slippers that they haven't taken off since:). Inside their cards Nonny and Poppy put five one dollar bills which was the highlight for them! It's so neat to see how excited they get about five dollars (especially in the form of ones because it seems like more). My grandmother used to send me five dollars for Valentine's Day (and other smaller holidays) and I rememebr being so excited about getting mail and excited about the money. Brian asked Cailey what she was going to buy and she told him that she was going to put it in the bank! Braden doesn't know what he wants to do yet and Kinsey doesn't really understand money. (She's excited because they are:). Thank you Nonny and Poppy!

they were so surprised!


Eve said...

how awesome that your parents did that!
I hope that you doing well, from things on FB UI have seen I am concerned about you.
Love You!

Janet said...

I love Valentine's packages! Yeah for the kids and a shout out to awesome grandparents!