Thursday, February 26, 2009

ring pops and antiques

80's candy has been in our house from Valentine's Day and the kids have been SO excited!! First Braden had his fun dip and then Cailey got a ring pop. I was trying to explain the ring pop when she got it and she just didn't understand. We forgot about it for a few days and the other day Cailey asked to have it for snack. She was super excited about it and thought it was the coolest thing ever:). I can remember getting my first ring pop too because we didn't really have a lot of candy our house growing up. It was clear grape and oh so tasty...Cailey happened to be given turquoise (her favorite color) and lime green.

I lived in Austria for a short time when I was a kid and my mom fell in love with this stroller while we were there. I wanted a pink plastic one but she convinced me that I wanted this one. According to her I played with it a little but really didn't care too much about it. I took it out a couple years ago and the kids pushed it around a bit but still preferred their fast plastic ones....the ones that fall apart easily:). This week I decided to take it out again and the girls have really enjoyed it much more this time! They are taking their babies on walks and filling it with stuffed animals to keep the babies company. I love watching the kids play with my childhood toys!

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