Saturday, February 7, 2009


So I got tagged again...this time I'm having a hard time coming up with interesting things to say because a. I'm not that interesting and b. I just came up with 25 things on some of these are repeats:)

1. When Brian and I lived in MA we would walk (which to most people means jog) seven days a week whether it was snowing, raining, etc. I even did it around Salem on the icy cobblestone-like sidewalks in between teaching and grad school classes. We did that for three years...but after a while we went down to six days

2. I love the game Rook but we've never met anyone here who knows how to play it. We used to spend Sunday afternoons playing it with Brian's former pastor and his wife...ahhh....good times!

3. My veil fell off on my wedding day when Brian kissed me...I was horrified

4. Brian was the first guy I dated. (and NO friends who know me from back in the day... Craig does NOT count)

5. My biggest phobias are getting lost, public speaking, and snakes


Laura said...

"walk"....ha ha ha ha!!! RUN is a much more accurate discription:)

Janet said...

I LOVE Rook and you do not "walk" when you are exercising. I need to jog to keep up with you!