Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hh is for Heart!

Hh is for hands!

Hh is for hearts!

Hh is for happy, hearts, and hug!

Hh is for holes!

H song of the week! Kinsey also circles, underlines, or
traces all the H's in the song

H activities: hat 'show' (also play an occupation game with matching hats), punching holes, hearts on an Hh, handprints with paint, lots of animal activities (hedge hog, hippo, horse, hen, hamster, hog, and hare), hammering golf tees, hopscotch (that was a hoot!), hula hooping

Foods that start with H: hummus, horseradish, hamburgers, hot dogs, hash browns, honey, ham, haddock, hazelnuts, honeydew, hot chocolate,

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