Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Ephram hasn't taken daily naps for a while now because he'd have a hard time falling to sleep at night if he did. But this summer he's been needing naps more...because we have discovered him asleep at 4:00 in different places. He'll be tucked away in the dining room on a chair, curled up on the floor..he falls asleep while playing with the other kids!  I guess our pool days/ field trips wear him out so lately we've gone back to napping when we are home. I have him sleep from 1-3 ONLY on the days we're home by then...which really isn't that often.  He ALWAYS takes naps on Sundays.  Thankfully if he's up by 3 it doesn't usually bother him falling asleep at night.

big big 4 year old boy:)

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