Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th!

This year July 4th was very different than the last few years. We stayed in Raleigh so the kids could go to Camp Winshape (where they had a BLAST) and didn't go to Maryland. Ephram didn't go to camp so we took him to Wake Forest (where we took the other kids as toddlers/preschoolers) for a fun morning of activities. We started in the stagecoach:).

 next up was fishing and other games for ephram.

 We even saw Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty there!  Ephram got face paint they decorated a cupcake to eat.

 we went back out for some dancing (with the CFA cow) and he flew his airplane all around.

 It was just us three while the others were at camp....very strange, yet nice for Ephram to have us to himself.

 On the way home we stopped to get him a hot fudge sundae...just cuz. Then he promptly crashed while still holding his flag.

 When we came home we made several July 4th crafts.  This handprint flag was his favorite!  It involved painting, cutting, gluing, glitter, etc. He told me we needed 13 stripes for the 13 colonies and 50 glitter stars for the 50 states.

 For dinner we took the kids to Earthfare where they got to eat free. 

 Since they have moved the Raleigh fireworks to downtown (instead of the fairgrounds) we decided to try out the ones at Brier Creek so traffic wouldn't be crazy. We got our blanket set up and hung out until it was time to watch the fireworks.

 looking for four leaf clovers

 playing cards

 getting tickles and snugs

 saying cheese


 as it got dark we pulled out the sparklers.


YAY!  Cailey asked me to take a picture of her with the fireworks in the background.  Such a neat idea!  Maybe next year I can get all four of them in the pic:).

It was a full but fun day for all of us but strange not being in Maryland with mom and dad.

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