Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blue Jay Point/ Bowling

 These are the family pictures from our super fun Saturday at Blue Jay Point.

 testing the water

 throwing rocks was ephram's favorite thing to do!  (and sticks, of course)

 I love this picture because it looks like we are on a forgotten island.

 When it was time to hike back up Braden decided he wanted to climb out on the fallen tree.

 Cailey took this picture of Brian and I and warned us that it was zoomed!

 our monkey bar girl machine!  kinsey does monkey bars even after her hands are bloodied with's amazing to watch how quick she goes with hand over hand.

 we brought our lunch to have a picnic

 and played baseball!

 SO fun!

 Good game slushies

 Then went bowling together later in the afternoon. What a great day we had together!

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