Monday, July 8, 2013

Aunt Camp Day 6

 In the morning the girls started working on their canvas art project.  They used stickers to write a bible verse on them.

 After they were done they rode bikes around the neighborhood until it was time to go to the pool.

 We went to the other Y and were able to stay all morning this time...from 10-2! The kids loved swimming, sliding, going in the deep end, and eating lots of!

 I even let everyone get snow cones...a BIG treat at the pool. They were thrilled!

 In the afternoon we did the girls' nails. They both wanted one color on each finger/toe.

 I took them out by themselves and said we could go anywhere they wanted to for dinner...and they chose Chili's...again! LOL! They shared chips and queso...and had several baskets of them!

 We went to the mall next where they had lollipops and more candy.

 we went into all the 'girly' stores and they had fun playing dress up.  Dennis was in town and even showed up to one of the stores we were in...that was a huge surprise!

 We waited until last to go to Charming Charlie.  Their favorite color was turquoise (of course) so they got all decked out in it:).

 and then they saw hot pink and it started all over!

About this time a huge STORM came through and it was pouring.  We tried to wait it out but it wasn't letting up at all so we all took off our shoes and RAN from Charlie Girl back to the mall.  We were DRENCHED!  We laughed the whole way. Fun times with these two!

this was an outing i don't think we'll soon forget.

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