Friday, July 26, 2013

Mountain Trip!

 My guys have never been to the mountains and Cailey has wanted to go for years. Laura and I planned a mom/kid getaway this summer so we could all go together. Knowing that we'd be driving all over once we got there it became obvious that having one car to fit us all would be much more ideal. Soo...Laura put the need out there on facebook and all was set!  It was such a BLESSING to be in one car!

 We had to get creative with the seating arrangement but after a few tries we got the right combination of kids sitting together (to ease arguing, etc.) Braden rode up front with Laura and I (and was the perfect choice because, well, he's Braden), The final second row (once we switched things up) was Kinsey, Ephram in the middle, and Samuel and Isaac. The third row was Cailey, Rebecca, and Hannah.

Driving into the mountains was incredible for Cailey and Ephram. There was lots of 'ooing and aaahhing'.  I didn't expect Ephram to be so excited but he kept saying, "Mommy! Look!" and would be pointing at the gorgeous backdrop. Cailey was surprised the mountains had trees on them and thought they would be snow covered rocks. It was awesome for me to be there and 'see' her learning and experiencing the Blue Ridge for the first time. Kinsey and Braden didn't really say much..just took it all in.

Laura loves to have a plan. And so do I, usually....unless I don't know the area or what is free/cheap. After we arrived at her parents' place and unpacked we headed out to Lake Lure via the 'scenic route' (aka took much longer than it should have....but that became our M.O. for the week:). On the way we found a great place for the kids to mine for gems which was a great hit!  They were all so excited about their stones...Cailey kept thanking me for taking her there.

 they found amethyst, garnet, citrine, topaz, and a few others

 next up we made it to Lake Lure!  We saw a cute gazebo in front of the water and headed there for a snack.

 they were ready to be out of the car and running around

 They sat like one big row. I thought it was funny to see them all in a line:)

 Mountains on one side and lake on the other

After snack we played four corners in the gazebo....a new game for the Welch's. It was super fun for our big age range!

We knew a faster way to get home:) and got there in time for dinner. We brought food and cooked each night which worked out perfectly. Laura and I make a great team...just falling into place. 

i saw this and just had to take a picture of the sweetness. (Cailey reading to Hannah)

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