Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013

July 1- Camp Winshape for the oldest three ALL day, played with ephram, puzzles/school/songs/danced/read/games, etc. super fun day with e, picked up kids who had a great time, dinner together, early to bed.

July 2- winshape, brian and i signed for the loan, fabric store with ephram, fourth RAINY RAINY day in a row:(, stomach prob's, had a dog party with e, another fun day at camp, taco lasagna, listened to summer '99 music with brian, kids played with foam.

July 3- winshape, picked up Gavin so he and ephram could have a playdate, mall for them to play/lunch/read, boys came home and played here before we took G home, ephram helped me cook dinner, got the kids, bed!

July 4- slept in thanks to brian taking the kids to camp and ephram out to breakfast, went with Brian and Ephram to the 4th celebration in Wake Forest, played together all afternoon, 4th crafts with ephram, earthfare for dinner, went to fireworks/sparklers/cards/laughing/traffic/home late.

July 5- kids went to their last day of winshape and we went with them until after lunch!, cleaned the house, started switching the boys room with Kinsey's, cailey relaxed/read/played with ephram, brian didn't feel great, and we all went to bed ZONKED!

July 6- switched the boys room and kinsey's room...ALL day long!  Cailey played with ephram, outside play, lots of cleaning/organizing/tossing/taking apart and putting together beds, went to bed zonked!

July 7- church, granny's for the day/lunch/kids swam/drums, spray painted baskets, cailey started feeling bad.

July 8- piano, sick cailey girl (watched Anne of Green Gables with her), other three played upstairs most of the day together, kitchen meeting with Maryann, lots of snuggles with cailey, excitement to see daddy home:), and picked up paint.

July 9- cailey to doctor, painters here (from groupon) to do the boys and kinsey's room, cailey sick all day:(, more anne of green gables, other three played games, sorted legos together:), lots of tickling for ephram, secrets (to and from ephram...with LOTS of giggles), put the rooms back together, enjoyed the new rooms~

July 10- cleaned, laundry, kids folded it for me:), laura and the kids came to play for the day, no fighting/crying until 3pm (yay:), breakfast for dinner, lots of laughing for laura and i, day 1 AGAIN, packed/planned for the beach, and hung out with l.

July 11- up early for a BEACH day!, rainy/cold to sunny/gorgeous day, played in waves/laughed/, lunched, snacked, got food stolen from a psycho bird, had girls/boys cars, and came home to shower sleepy children before crashing.

July 12- chick fil a cow appreciation day!, breakfast there w/welch's, watched lucas for the day, lunch at cfa with klick's, boys had fun with lucas, trampoline, piano, games, and dinner at cfa with brian.

July 13- carter's bday party with ephram, the car got 'broken', home depot with brian for toilets, restful day while the kids did some school/play, bike rides, naps, and a nice relaxing day at home.

Cailey said egalant in reference to a shower (vs. elegant:)

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