Sunday, July 14, 2013


When we were in Maryland we went to kid's night at Chick Fil A. I saw a lady signing with her son and was immediately captivated...or 'eye dropping' on their conversation. I haven't signed much in YEARS and was not planning on saying anything but after a while we ended up meeting. I was able to sign (and understand) pretty much everything. It all just came back to me and I LOVED it!  Both she and her son were deaf and Cailey was fascinated. He was 10 (like her) and she wanted to be able to talk to him so I taught her signs and she would slowly 'talk' to him. It was such a great opportunity. They were there because they do the face painting on kid's Cailey sat and watched..and tried to help ease communication gaps. And I chatted away with the mom and it was just so fun. Cailey wants to learn sign language and I have got to get on the ball with teaching it to her. I'd love to find a deaf ministry around here for her to help. It was a fun night and she wanted a picture with him.

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