Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun, Full aunt camp day 5

 Day 5 started with a trip to the movies...complete with candy, of course:).

 Then we went to Monkey Joe's where I had a groupon that included lunch.  

 When we got home the girls made earrings..this was a GREAT craft that we'll be doing again! (But probably in the winter because you have to wait outside while they are in the over b/c of fumes)

 they wore their earrings afterwards

 Next up was an afternoon trip to the pool!

 but after an hour and a half it thundered and we had to come home....

 the girls still wanted to swim so they made a bubble bath in the pool!

And finally a picture of their new matchy jammies that they picked out at Target (on Clearance, of course:).

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