Monday, July 22, 2013

Triathlon Time!

 Cailey was sick the day before the in didn't eat/drink all day and rested.  Pretty sure she had her Pfapa stuff the few days before the race but she wanted to do it and woke up feeling better...and ready.  She swam WAY faster than she had in any of her practices!

 Both the biking and the running course were different this year. We thought they were going to be better (as advertised) but they were FULL o' hills. NOT better. Worse. And they had to do out and backs TWICE on each. So I wasn't able to see Braden or Kinsey swim because of the timing/location but got to see them all bike.

 YAY Braden!

 YAY Kinsey! (She didn't let this kid behind her catch up:)

Cailey was taking a super long time on the bike for the second go round. Like a LONG time. I was worried.  She came in pedaling very slowly and did not look good. I cheered for her but she got off her bike and collapsed. She said she was going to throw up...and did:(. Over and over:(.  The poor girl was sick after not eating the day before then doing all this (and eating breakfast). She was not in good shape but BOY she was a trooper. She was took sick to walk the running course but I told her she didn't awesome and still NEEDED to cross the finish line. So I walked her over to cross and get her medal. 

After hearing how great her swim was she was SUPER bummed that she got sick and said she wants to do the other tri in August. 

 Braden and Kinsey crossing the finish line!

 don't let him catch you! girl was determined!

 super proud of all of them!

regrouping and refueling

They all tried their hardest but we are hoping that next year they change the course back so it won't be as confusing.

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