Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 2

 Saturday was a full and fun family day!  We went to Blue Jay Point in the morning and hiked down to the water. The girls climbed out on this log...which was in the water.

We picnicked then played on the playground. Brian and I joined in on a fun game of tag with the kids using the playground equipment as our places to weave in and out of.

 After lunch and tag we headed to the field with our bats and bases for a girls against boys game of baseball.  Rebecca wasn't so sure about it at first but once she got her first hit she was hooked!  The girls BEAT the boys after being behind for a couple innings. We had such a great time together playing baseball!  Even Ephram hit the ball and got on base a few times!

 After baseball we were hot and sticky so I decided slushies were in order...they agreed:).

 The girls had some downtime in the afternoon and started their first day of setting up and playing with pet shops. They told me they weren't playing with them...just setting them up. Because they are too old to play with them. Either way, it's something they had a blast doing every time we were home and they had down time.

 We went bowling as a family that afternoon too!  It was a full day. We had plans to go home a cook but had such a great time bowling that we played another game and it got late...and they were hungry...and I had a coupon:).
 So off to Chili's we went for a dinner!  They were just a little excited:).

After a very full day they came home and rode bikes to the Morgans a few times.  They had no trouble falling asleep that night.

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