Sunday, July 28, 2013


 Day three we set out with no plan except to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, picnic, and go hiking. Our plan got messed up when we discovered the parkway only went for eight miles then was we followed signs that said Historic Sites, Zebulon B. Vance house.

Laura and I had no idea what to expect but figured it would be good...and a history lesson!  I called Brian to ask him about it and of course he knew exactly who I was talking about (Zebulon B. Vance) and told me all about him. He's so smart with History!

We read about his History and saw artifacts from that time period in the visitors center before going to explore the buildings. With Cailey and Rebecca loving this time period it was awesome for them to explore them!  We started in the main house.

 the girls room

 the boys room...and i LOVE me some old buildings!

 running down to the well house

 i Little House can you get??

 We stayed to explore a while, had a snack, then went back to see the Blue Ridge Parkway with no fog:)
 We didn't get any questions about being a daycare BUT at this location we were asked if we were ONE big happy!

 We pulled off to go hiking too. Laura LOVES stopping at random places to hike with no It was fun. The kids had a blast!

 big girls led the way

 They even got brave for a picture for me:).  I have a picture like this from a few years ago at the girl weekend.

We came down the mountain to eat outside the Folk Art Center. The kids explored, Rebecca got stung by a bee:(, and they saw a wooly worm. More adventures.

 Thanks to the trusty internet via my iphone we found a great park for the kids to play in. I didn't take pics other than this flintstone car one but it was a lot like the castle park in MD. And we have super HILARIOUS memories to take away from it. Like driving around a racecar track...twice....while being followed by a car with lights...while the kids were freaking out. Makes me laugh just writing it. FUN times!
 taking a look at the French Broad river near the playground. 

 Sonic happy hour slushies for snack!

Pizza and breadsticks for dinner (once we found the pizza place:)

Our trip to the mountains was SO very fun and I will not soon forget the great time we had there. Laura and I will have many things to laugh about for years to come.  What a blessing to get to go to the mountains in one car and have a place to stay.  I would call this trip hilariously successful.

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