Friday, July 5, 2013

Aunt Camp Day 3

 Sunday morning we went to church then surprised the girls with Golden Corral for brunch!  They were super excited!  Of course they had to get cotton candy on the way out:).

 Next up we went to Pullen Park together and the kids loved all the new changes!  (It's been closed for a couple of years and this was our first time going since the reopen)

 tangled in a web

 they rode the ostriches! i love that all my children
want to ride the ostriches because they know it's my fav:)

 After we came home the girls spent the evening playing before doing their first craft of the week, which was decorating picture frames.  Along with 'playing' petshops they also LOVED playing guess who? pretty much every chance they got!

Rebecca has joined Cailey in loving turquoise:).

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