Sunday, February 9, 2014

37 Things About Heather on Her 37th Birthday

1. Heather really like ostriches. She would have one as a pet if she could.

2. She likes to sleep on her stomach and sometimes with a foot in the air.

3. One of her favorite snacks is chex mix. Not the store bought stuff, homemade by me.

4. She would rather die than touch the kitchen sink or walk barefooted in a public shower.

5. Her favorite number

6. When she finds a song she really likes, she will listen to it over and over. She once did this with the song “Oklahoma” by Billy Gillman. It nearly killed me.

7. Heather is the world’s best cook. Yeah, I know, lots of people say that about their wives but the food Heather can put on a table is better than what you find in some restaurants.

8. Heather is the world’s best baker. Christmas cookie making at our house is a whole weekend operation but when she is done the number and quality of cookies is mindboggling.

9. She has an addiction to the little plastic tabs used to attach tags to clothing. She seems to always have one in her mouth chewing on it.

10. This may come as a galloping shock to some people but Heather really likes to take pictures.

11. Her favorite Chinese dish is chicken lo mein but with no veggies in it. She also likes sesame chicken.

12. She hates snakes and is utterly convinced they can move faster than she can run and operate door handles.

13. Heather is a giver and is always looking for ways to give to people or do things for her friends.

14. The original plan was to have three kids and adopt one. Heather ended up having one and adopting three.

15. Her favorite restaurant in Chili’s where she always gets chicken crispers.

16. She really loves taking pictures. Probably should be mentioned twice.

17. Heather has had both her appendix and gall bladder removed, not at the same time.

18. Her favorite color is periwinkle.

19. Heather’s ability to maintain the children’s schedule is a work of art, like a conductor with an orchestra. I have no idea how she does this.

20. She loves cold weather and the perfection of a snow covered yard before anyone walks on it.

21. There is no such thing as an ordinary birthday in our house, she goes above and beyond to make the birthday for every child special including a homemade birthday cake.

22. Every holiday is celebrated with presents at Valentines, patriotic garb at the Fourth of July and a theme every year for the kids’ Halloween costumes.

23. I’ve never once bought a Christmas present for the kids, Heather does all of it.

24. Heather doesn’t like to pump her own gas.

25. Heather is not a fan of cats.

26. Heather’s favorite appetizer is cheese fries from Outback.

27. She eats salad without dressing, syrup with her sausage and like thin waffles rather than thick ones.

28. Her personality and friendliness more than makes up for me totally deficient in either of those departments.

29. Heather has really low blood pressure. It’s so low her pulse is almost non-existent.

30. She is more beautiful than she realizes.

31. The only thing she hates more than snakes are dentists or at the very least it’s a tie.

32. She loves traditions, especially at Christmas.

33.  Did I mention the pictures?

34. Her husband really loves her.

35. Her husband is immensely blessed that he married her.

36. How old she probably thinks she is, she is always a year off.

37. How old she turned today and at least this many more years I get to spend with her. 



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The Corbett Family said...

LOVE!!! Well done Brian, I learned so much and I'm sure she will appreciate this so much!!! Happy Birthday Heather!

The Corbett Family said...

LOVE!!! Well done Brian, I learned so much and I'm sure she will appreciate this so much!!! Happy Birthday Heather!